Mujahid Khan

Dedicated, proactive law enforcement professional and Entrepreneur with extensive experience in security industries (Facilities) He is a Alumi member of SIA (Security Authority Industry). He completed his B.E in Systems Engineering in 2004 and Msc in Security management and Com Crimes with distinction in Security management and Top position with distinction in Project Management from University of New South Wales UK in 2007 Mr. Khan is a very valuable member of our team he has excellent communication and problem solving skills and his rapport with customers is commendable. He advises clients on financial frauds detection, finance process optimization and risk mitigation for the organizations. The new technologies adopted by organizations are making them increasingly vulnerable to various risks such as phishing, identity theft, card skimming, SMSishing, viruses and Trojans, spyware and adware, social engineering, website cloning and cyber stalking. He also help firm in evaluating investment transactions in technology area. He was also involved in advisory services for United Energy Ltd China before merger formerly known as British Petroleum and Union Texsas Petroleum USA.