Knowledge Management

Case Study 1

Business Case

From simple SQL Data Reports to Advanced Business Intelligence


ABC PVT. LTD. is a service sector company having numerous resources placed in different cities across the country. The leadership of ABC PVT. LTD. faced a lot of challenges analyzing the performance of various services and Financial KPI’s across different Locations.

ABC PVT. LTD. possessed a strong database and ERP but was lacking proper analysis tools. The company majorly depended on manual analysis of the data and the long hierarchy made it a slow and laborious process.

Pain Points:

  • Lengthy and Manual data reporting and Preparation Process
  • Analyzing the reports and data consumed precious time of the ABC PVT. LTD. leadership.
  • Absence of powerful visualization tools and in depth analysis.


All the data being produced at ABC PVT. LTD was captured with the help of analytics tools on regular intervals. Various analysis were done using the data to bring out powerful insights. All the KPI’s were displayed in a single Dashboard for the Leadership to take more informed and quick decisions.

Analysis Delivered included:

  • Location wise Sales and Revenue analysis
  • Debtors analysis
  • Daily Profit and Loss statement
  • Project Master
  • Employee Performance Tracker
  • SLA and TAT calculations
  • Trial Balance Reconciliation etc.
  • Cost Analysis
  • Invoice Details

KPI Summary

  • Gross revenue
  • Net revenue
  • Total Outstanding
  • Free Cash
  • Total Headcount
  • Net Profit & Profit %
  • Working Capital


  • As a result the total time and resources being spent on the analysis were reduced drastically.
  • Multiple reporting processes were automated.
  • Leadership got more out of the data enabling better and informed decisions.
  • The Dashboard empowered leadership to review huge amounts of data in a few minutes.

Case Study 2

The Problem of increasing debtors at XYZ Pvt. Ltd.


XYZ Pvt. Ltd. is a Financial service sector firm having hundreds of clients globally, the company generates its revenue through various financial services which are pitched to the clients via a very strong partner network.

Keeping the track of all the transactions i.e. Billing, Collection, write-offs etc. is a mammoth task, and the leaders of XYZ Pvt. Ltd were facing problems tracking the transactions in a timely manner. As a result overall collection days for XYZ Pvt. Ltd were increasing along with Debtor Provisions.

Pain Points:

  • Timely Data Collection
  • Proper Aggregation and Reporting of Data
  • Absence of regular updates to the Partner network


With the help of Powerful BI tools all the Data generated at XYZ Pvt. Ltd was gathered on daily basis. The data was processed and segregated on the basis of collection days and Debtor Provisions were calculated accordingly. With the Interactive visualizations the leadership of XYZ Pvt. Ltd. got the power to make well informed decisions and pull the strings wherever required. Automated mails are being generated and sent to the partners on weekly basis to promote timely collections.


  • As a result, the total collection days came down drastically and total outstanding amount came down.
  • The reporting and aggregation of data was completely automated thus reducing the manual work.
  • The Dashboard empowered leadership to review huge amounts of data in a few minutes.