Capital Raising

Capital fuels growth and provides flexibility. Agora Partner's relationships with private equity, venture capital, and lending organizations enable us to identify the right capital partner and carefully tailored offerings structures to support your company's growth objectives, acquisition-related financings, recapitalizations, and shareholder restructurings.

  • Equity placement
  • Preparation of pitch books, investor documents
  • Private placement
  • Debt syndication, Project finance & allied services
  • Preparing project report
  • Financial modelling & business valuation


Agora helps clients raise equity capital by acting as an intermediary between the companies and the private equity/venture funds. The group originates structures and executes equity and equity-related issues and provides advice on a range of transactions for corporate clients in today's constantly changing business environment.
Our advice is customized to the specific circumstances and strategic considerations relevant to the client and starts with a thorough examination of the company, including its business model, capital structure and overall financial profile.

Agora Partners is active as a placement agent of private financings at all levels of the capital structure:

  • Private placement of equity
  • Convertible debt
  • Subordinated/mezzanine debt


Agora Partners provides debt solutions tailored to a client's specific capital needs. Our seasoned investment bankers provide tactical consultation, determining optimal debt capital structures and accessing the markets to meet client objectives. Through our extensive experience and relationships with investors, Agora Partners has developed a proven track record of helping financial companies raise debt capital.

Our debt solutions include:

  • Corporate debt offerings
  • Collateralised debt obligations
  • Working capital
  • Non-convertible debentures
  • Foreign currency loans